Status Page – Adding a Dummy Service

A dummy service can be added to your Status Page with a custom status of Good/Degraded/Critical depending on your needs, this service will not rely on a live source, and so should be updated manually as required.

To add a dummy service, simply go to the services section and use the “Add Dummy Service” button to create a new Dummy Service, upon adding this you will be asked to choose a name – following that you should use the “Edit” button to the right of the new dummy service to set it’s status, the different statuses that can be displayed are: Good, Degraded and Critical.

Why is a dummy service useful?

A dummy service is special in that it will not automatically update status based on any external data source, it’s up to you what status the service displays to users at any given time, and for a hands on team this can be used to more effectively manage customer expectations, exclude micro-downtime and show the correct status in times where the service has problems but does not reach a level of degradation that will affect your users.

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