Team member permission levels

Here we will describe the features of the “View Only” and “Full Edit” team member permission levels. These are configured via the Team Management section of the account.

This delineation between user roles ensures that system integrity is maintained while providing flexibility and control where needed. By understanding these distinctions, users can better navigate our system and utilise its features to their full potential.

View Only Permissions

Users with “View Only” access are limited in their interactions with the system. They are not permitted to make modifications, deletions, or pauses to any of the existing tests. This includes but is not limited to Uptime, Push, Page Speed, SSL, Domain, and Server type tests. Furthermore, “View Only” users are restricted from accessing or managing billing information and details. They do not have the capability to view invoices, change payment details, or see any billing-related data.

Full Edit Permissions

On the other hand, “Full Edit” users enjoy a broader range of capabilities. These users are granted the ability to perform all the actions that an administrator can, except for team management functions. “Full Edit” users have the autonomy to modify, delete, or pause tests, including those related to Uptime, Push, Page Speed, SSL, Domain, and Server types. However, to access and manage billing information—such as viewing invoices or changing payment details—a “Full Edit” user must also be specifically enabled as a billing user. This role is designed to ensure that sensitive billing information is accessible only to those with the requisite permissions.

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