Using Sub Accounts

Sub Accounts is a feature available in our Business package and higher. It allows for the addition of unlimited additional accounts which can share the privileges and data from the main account, which is managed by the administrator or team leader.

This feature can be very useful if you have staff working on different access levels, you can give different powers to different Sub Accounts, and users can manage their own individual tasks while also receiving all the data and alerts from the main account.

Before setting up “Sub Accounts” from your main account, you should prompt any staff who require access to create a free account, once these accounts are created they should provide you with the email addresses they used so that they can then be added.

In order to create a Sub Account you will need to log in to your Statuscake account, ensuring that you have a subscription level of at least Business. Once you have reached the dashboard, scroll down the sidebar to the “User Details” section, click here to enter the account settings and then click the “Sub Accounts” button.

On this page you will be able to manage any “Sub Accounts” that you have created previously, the matching Statuscake usernames for the email addresses you will be displayed, and you can view access levels of different users, there is also an option to delete a user entirely.

To add a new user account you should simply place the desired email address into the “User Email” field on this page. Here you can also choose whether said user has the ability to view and edit, or only view data. Once you have selected these options just click the green “ADD NEW USER” button to insert the new “Sub Account”.

Once this is done, users can use the drop down selection box at the bottom left of the dashboard to select the name of the main account, enabling them to view and edit data based on their permissions, and also to enjoy all the features that come with the Business Package and above. Users can be members of multiple master accounts for maximum flexibility.

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