Using the PagerDuty Integration

StatusCake integrates with the Advance Alerting System PagerDuty. PagerDuty is a fantastic tool if you need complex routing of your messages. To setup PagerDuty please follow the guide below: First go to ‘Account’ and click ‘3rd Party’ Now from the service type Dropdown select ‘PagerDuty’. You will be asked for […]

Using The Slack Integration

Notifications from StatusCake to Slack Inside StatusCake: Go to the Integrations page on StatusCake. Select Slack from the 3rd Party Service dropdown   Click the “Add to Slack” button to begin the integration setup.   You’ll be presented with an authorisation screen. Select the Slack channel you wish for alerts […]

About SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications are used to alert you about any issues with your server via text message. When a notification is sent, 1 SMS Credit will be consumed. If you run out of SMS credits, its possible to buy more, and some of our subscriptions come with an inclusive allowance to […]

Hipchat Integration (End of Life)

The Hipchat integration has been classified as “End of Life” by Atlassian, and it is highly recommended to switch to a different chat provider. We will continue supporting “Hipchat for Business” until the end of September. Any other messages will not be attempted. For information:

Creating Advanced Alert Schedules

Using Contact Groups to notify you about downtime is a great way of keeping up to date with the status of your website. But sometimes you need to set up something a little more complex to achieve your alert schedule needs. The recent addition of our Maintenance Windows feature adds […]