How Does Content Match Work?

Note: Content Match is a Paid Feature and as such requires any account above free The Content match feature will match any given string on the entire request body. The request body includes everything from the <html> to the </html>.This means you can match any element such as items within […]

I Got a False Positive?

Since its inception StatusCake has never sent a false alert; however there are several reasons in which due to misconfiguration on systems being tested you may get alerted; there are also cases where it may appear to be a false alert but is actually valid. If none of the above […]

What are your IPs?

We have multiple servers across the world that are used to monitor your sites. Here’s a handy guide for you to know what IP addresses are used by us per feature. This will be useful for you if you happen to use any sort of firewall system or IP locking […]

Using Bulk Upload on Tests

Bulk upload is a tool which allows you to insert multiple URL addresses during test creation, this is the feature to use when you want to add multiple tests with the same settings. In order to use this feature, you should first select “New Test” from the sidebar to start […]

What is Push Monitoring?

What is Push Monitoring? Push testing is a type of monitoring where your servers or other devices checks in with our service to let us know it is still active. It’s also frequently called heartbeat monitoring, or webhook monitoring. Push Monitoring is included with all free and paid subscriptions and […]

What is Basic Auth Login?

Basic auth or “Basic Access Authenticaton” is one of the simplest methods for a HTTP user agent to provide a username and password when attempting to access a page. It differs from other login methods in that there are no forms, sessions or cookies to worry about. Data sent is […]

What is Crawl Timeout?

Our Crawl Timeout feature, which can be found in test settings allows you to set a limit (in seconds) for the time it takes to receive the first byte of data(TTFB). If we do not receive the first byte in the specified time then you will receive an alert through your […]

How To Whitelist Alert Emails in Gmail

To ensure you get alerts promptly you are highly advised to whitelist the StatusCake email address. To do this first find an email sent from StatusCake, you may need to look in your spam box depending on your provider. (the welcome email / email validation email works great for this). […]

How To Use The Web Hook URL

Within contact groups you have the option of adding a Ping URL. These are quite simply URLs which our system will call if your website is down. Some of the way our clients use this feature include Ping a URL to start a restart script on another server Ping a URL […]