What is Alert Speed?

Alert Speed is a calculation performed by StatusCake to give you a rough idea of the maximum amount of time your test may take to alert you on downtime. It uses the metric Check Rate + Alert Delay Rate + (Confirmation Servers * Timeout) Reducing these settings will reduce your […]

Create a Basic Website Test

In this article we’ll take you through the required steps for creating a Basic uptime test for your website. Just follow the steps below in order and you should be able to have the first test set up within a matter of minutes. Required Details Section First Navigate to the […]

Create a Public Reporting Group

A Public Report Group is a great way of sharing your uptime information publicly in a visual context. Creating a Public Report Group will give you a web link for convenient sharing. In order to create a New Report Group, simply log in to your account and click the Public […]

Adding Team Memebers to your Account

Team Management is a feature available in our Business, and Superior package and higher. It allows you to grant other users on StatusCake the ability to view and edit your tests. They will see your account as your do but will not be given access to financial/billing pages. When logged in […]

Using BlackList Monitoring

Blacklist monitoring checks your domain or IP against spam blacklists, ensuring that you’re message deliverability and customer access isn’t degraded. Ensuring you’re not blocked is of vital importance if you run any sort of email campaigns and of even more importance it can alert you to your mail servers being […]

What timezone do maintenance windows use?

The time zone used in maintenance windows will be the same as the one selected in the User Details section of the account, so if your account runs on GMT then set up your windows in GMT timezone. For your information, your account’s timezone will also appear in the form for […]

How to Send POST Data

StatusCake supports POST checks with a payload of POST Data. These types of checks are supported on all HTTP tests. To setup a POST check create a normal HTTP check and on the 2nd page of the setup (or update page) on the Test Settings tab scroll down until you find […]

My Test isn’t Using The Locations I Set

You will notice your site may be tested from locations you’ve not selected. This is normal behavior if you have less than three testing locations set, we require 3 testing locations to be set as a minimum, which will then mean you get testing from 4 specific IPs for the […]