What is Push Monitoring?

What is Push Monitoring?

Push Monitoring is like monitoring in reverse; rather than us pinging you to see if everything is okay your systems ping ours, and if we don’t get alerted in a set time span¬†then we’ll send you an alert via your normal contact groups.

How Do I Use it?

Create a new test and set the test type to PUSH.

On the test settings set how often in seconds you expect a PING back, so for example: 3600 = 1 hour

Then save. You will then be given a URL to PING to to report everything is OK. You can ping this URL using whatever language you use, in a bash script for example you could use curl.

For example:


The last var, time – this can be changed and the value reflected here will be shown on the chart. It is in ms, so 1000 = 1s.

The test will first start once a ping has been received at least once, this is to ensure you have time to configure your push

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