Adding and Removing Subdomains

Domains can have multiple subdomains with their own records. Because of how DNS works, we’re unable to gather all the subdomains to obtain their data.  To resolve that, we included the ability to define your own subdomains.

Why should I add subdomains?
Subdomains have their own records. To obtain these, we need to know about it first.
Also, adding subdomains allows you to set up alerts for those records as well.

How do I add a subdomain?
This just takes a few seconds of your time.

  1. Go to the Domain Overview page of the domain.
  2. There are 2 boxes, one containing your subdomains, and just below that there’s one to add a subdomain.
  3. Now add your subdomain, do not include the domain itself. (in case of, only add www)
  4. Press “Add”, the page will now reload and your subdomain will be listed.

Please allow a few minutes for our system to gather the new records.

How do I remove a subdomain?
You can do this by simply pressing the “Remove” button in the list of subdomains. Be careful as this will permanently remove all data we have on this subdomain, such as records and triggers.

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