How often are domains checked?

There are several systems that make up Domain Monitoring. As such, components are checked at different intervals. Below is an overview of the most important checks.

Domain Information

Also known as the WHOIS information. This includes things like registration and expiration dates, main nameserver, registrar and contact details. This information will only be updated for supported domains.

The rate at which this data gets refreshed is dependent on plan level. We check every 7 days on Superior, 5 days on Business, and 3 days on Enterprise. Several days before the domain expires, we’ll temporarily increase the checkrate to once daily.

For supported TLDs, this information can be manually forced to refresh once per day per domain. You can find a button on the details page for the domain.

Domain Records

These are the records of the domain and its subdomains (where applicable). This also includes the attached record alerts/triggers.

This data gets refreshed hourly.

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