Why is my domain not supported?

We obtain information about your domain by getting its public properties (WHOIS data). These properties include information on who registered it, when it was registered, when it expires and its nameservers.

The availability of these public properties depend on the TLD registrar, this is the company that a domain is registered with. Unfortunately, not all registrars make all the information available.

More, since the introduction of GDPR, this information is often heavily redacted.

Some examples of top-level domains (TLD) that are currently not supported:
.de (Germany), .eu (Europe), .ch (Switzerland), .gr (Greece), …

Unsupported domains can still be added to our system to use all features, however, we’ll be unable to automatically update the expiration date or calculate its age. In this case, you are still able to manually set the expiration date, and we will alert you based on that date. Please note that when this domain gets renewed, the expiration date will have to be manually updated.

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