Enabling Domain Expiration Monitoring

Domains expire, and if you’re not keeping track of that, you might lose them. While most domain providers have their own alerts, having a third party watching over it adds extra security to make sure you know when it expires.

How does this work?
Registrars provide public information on each domain. This contains information about who owns it, where it was registered and more importantly, when it was created and when it will expire.

How do I enable this?
Like with most of our domain-related settings, you start off on the Domain Overview page.

  1. In the “Record Monitoring” infobox, click on the “Settings” link.
  2. In the “Alert Settings” box, enable the “Domain Expiration” setting.
  3. Add a contact group if you don’t have one yet and save the settings.

I can’t enable it!
Unfortunately, some registrars do not provide expiration dates. We will try to guess this for you, but we will not know for sure. Please refer to your registrar to get the correct information.

When will I be alerted?
At current, we will send alerts at the following landmarks:
30 days, 14 days, 7 days and 24 hours.

Can I enter a manual date?
Yes indeed! This can be done on the details page for each domain!

Can I monitor domains I don’t own?
Yes you can!

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