Adding and Removing Record Rules/Triggers

Record Rules are the beating heart of Record Monitoring. These rules will keep a watchful eye on your domain’s records and let you know when a rule triggers.

Why should I set up rules?
An online presence is valuable in this day and age. Domains, like websites are a constant target for hijackers. Domains can be hijacked, via social engineering or exploits. By having external monitoring enabled, you will be alerted when your domain has become the target of a hijacking.

How do I set up rules?
It’s very important to set up the correct values for your rules. These steps should help you with this.

  1. On the Domain Overview page, use the record table to find a record for which you want to add a rule. A good start would be on the A record of your domain. Note the Type and Data of this record.
  2. Click on the Settings link in the Domain Monitoring box.
  3. In the “New Rule” box, select the subdomain that matches the record.
  4. Then select the correct type (See above).
  5. Then select the correct value (See above).
  6. Now click on “Add Rule”, the page should refresh and your new rule should be added to the rules table.

We will now check that rule, the status should display either Matched or Triggered when you refresh. If it triggered, make sure the values you entered were correct.

Make sure that you also enable the “Rule Triggers” option in the “Alert Settings” box and add one or more contact groups. If you do not do this, you will not receive any alerts!

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