What Locations Do You Have

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Our probes are hosted in around 30 different data centres globally. We try to ensure a wide spread of providers to provide accurate monitoring, and the exact data centres we use change depending on performance and geographic changes. We do not use Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft Azure as probe locations.

We Have Test Locations in:

Australia – Sydney
Austria – Vienna
Belgium – Oostkamp
Brazil – Sao Paulo
Canada – Montreal
Canada – Toronto
Chile – Vina Del Mar
France – Paris
France – Lille
Germany – Berlin
Germany – Frankfurt
Hong Kong
Hungary – Budapest
Ireland – Dublin
Japan – Tokyo
Mexico – Mexico City
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Iceland – Reykjavík
India – Bangalore
Israel – Tel Aviv
Italy – Milano
Mexico – Mexico City
New Zealand- Auckland
Poland – Warsaw
Russia – Moscow
Russia – Novosibirsk
South Africa – Johannesburg
Spain – Madrid
Sweden – Stockholm
Switzerland – Bern
United Kingdom – London
United Kingdom – Manchester
United States – Atlanta, Georgia
United States – Chicago, Illinois
United States – Dallas, Texas
United States – Jacksonville, Florida
United States – Los Angeles, California
United Status – San Francisco, California
United States – Silicon Valley, California
United States – Phoenix, Arizona,
United States – New York, New York

You can find details of all the IPs for our test locations here.

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