Integrating with Datadog


We now allow users to integrate directly with the Datadog service, and you can find the instructions for set up below:

NOTE: To add a new integration of this type within Datadog, you must have set up your initial “Agent” – the agent can be installed on a variety of systems, but the StatusCake (and other types) integration cannot be added as your first.

Setting up the Integration:

On the Datadog end:

  1. Go to
  2. Retrieve the API Key from this page, if you wish you can also generate a new key and use this one instead.
  3. That’s all that’s needed on the Datadog end, just ensure that the desired API key is copied to your clipboard.

On the StatusCake end:

  1. Go to the integrations section of your StatusCake account here:
  2. In the “ADD A NEW THIRD PARTY SERVICE” selection box, select the Datadog option.
  3. Put the API key that you saved to your clipboard earlier in the “Key” field.
  4. Put the desired name for your integration in the “Alias” field.
  5. Finally, click the green button to save and finalise this new Datadog integration.


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