Ensuring Uninterrupted Email Alerts from StatusCake

To guarantee the consistent and timely delivery of vital alerts and reports from StatusCake, it’s imperative to whitelist our sender address: [email protected].

Why Whitelist Our Email Address?

Whitelisting ensures that our crucial notifications bypass spam filters and reach your inbox without delay, safeguarding you from missing any critical alerts or reports.

How Our System Manages Email Delivery

In instances where our emails encounter consistent rejections or are unaccepted by recipient inboxes for extended periods or in substantial volumes, our system is designed to automatically remove such emails from contact groups. This proactive measure:

  • Protects Our Sender Reputation: Maintaining a healthy sender reputation is vital to ensure our alerts are not flagged by email providers.
  • Optimizes Alert Processing: It ensures our system does not expend resources processing and sending alerts that are destined to fail.

Steps to Whitelist Our Email Address

  1. Navigate to Your Email Settings: Access the settings or options menu in your email client.
  2. Locate the Whitelist or Safe Senders Option: This might be under your spam, junk, or filter settings.
  3. Add Our Email Address: Insert [email protected] to the whitelist or safe senders list.
  4. Save Changes: Ensure to apply or save the changes made to the settings.

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