About SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications are used to alert you about any issues with your server via text message. When a notification is sent, 1 SMS Credit will be consumed. If you run out of SMS credits, its possible to buy more, and some of our subscriptions come with an inclusive allowance to make life easier.

Phone numbers that you want to receive SMS Notifications should be added into the “SMS” field of a contact group, these will then be signed up for alerts on tests associated with that contact group. Here you should also choose between the two SMS services we offer, it’s possible to test both of them for free on this screen.

If you run out of SMS Credit, but still need to receive SMS Notifications, its easy to buy more, just click the “Credits” button under User Details in the dashboard to bring up a purchase screen, here you can purchase between 50 and 500 credits that will instantly be applied to your account.

If you are looking for a more permanent and cost effective solution, you should consider our paid subscription packages. Our Superior package comes with an inclusive allowance of SMS Credits per month, and our Business package gives you 500 SMS Credits.


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