Domain Monitoring

Why you need Domain Monitoring

It takes just one small mistake to forget to renew your domain and lose it for good, an occurrence which in many cases be a fatal blow to a business. The time and effort put behind marketing goes to waste the moment you no longer have control of the domain and worse your brand could be hijacked and used for nefarious reasons be it promoting your competitor or brand destroying content.

How It Impacts You

Each year hundreds of thousands of domains are accidentally dropped and in many cases lost forever. Even huge companies like Microsoft, the Dallas Cowboys and Heinz (whose contest domain was replaced with pornographic content!) have let domain expiration slip by them.

The Solution

StatusCake offers a feature rich Domain Monitoring platform in all our paid plans. Rather than just relying on domain registrar renewal notifications (which aren’t always sent) with StatusCake you’ll get notified a month, seven days and then the day before a domain is up for renewal – using any of the alert methods you’ve setup including SMS, Email, Slack and more. Multiple people can receive an alert notification meaning if one member of the team is on Holiday everyone else is kept updated to the situation before it becomes a problem.

How Long It Takes

Within 60 seconds you can go from having no domain monitoring to having the industries most powerful. Simply add your domain name and StatusCake will automatically get all the details it requires; supporting over 100 different TLD’s.

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