Status Page – Managing Subscriber Notifications

You can fully manage the general notification settings for your subscribers here. ( These options will affect the sending of email and SMS notifications.

First off, in the top section labelled “General Notifcation Settings” – you have the first three options. “Global Enable” is used to turn the ability for users to subscribe and notifications to be sent, on or off, the next option “Webhooks”, can be used to enable or disable the ability to subscribe to webhooks. The final option in this section “Feeds” turns subscription to RSS feeds on or off.

Next we have the “Email notification Settings” section, here we will set the options for email notifications to subscribers. You can turn these on or off with the “Email Notifications” option, and with the option below you can set a custom Sender Name for the emails, after entering these details you can use the “Send Test Notification” button to try out your settings.

The last section on this page is titled “SMS notification settings”, it’s here that you will manage preferences for alerts sent by SMS. We integrate with Twilio for SMS, so in the first field you can select whether to enable this feature, then under “Twilio Information” you should enter your Twilio SID and Twilio Auth Token as instructed, again there’s a button below to test your configuration.

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