Status Page – Modifying General Settings

When setting up or modifying a status page, the General Settings section will contain the core configurations.

In the first section we should enter the Title, Subtitle, and custom CNAME for this status page. If you have a custom subdomain, you can set up a CNAME  to SSL is access is also supported by instead setting the CNAME to:

Please note – we do also offer a third endpoint which is best used for servers which aren’t fully compatible with how we set up SSL, if you see a SSL failure when trying with, then please give our new endpoint a try instead.

In the next section under “Website and Social links” there are four fields to be filled, and these aspects will show on the right side of your status page. First off we should look at the “Website” field – here we should include a direct link to the main website associated with the status page.

In the “Support” field we would place a direct link to an associated support website, this will allow your users to get in touch if they have further questions after viewing the status page.

For the “Twitter” field we’d include a twitter username, to assist your user’s in getting more information – this is also used for the twitter module which includes aspects of your feed on the status page.

Under the “Facebook” field, much like twitter, you just need to include your public Facebook name.

In the final field you are able to add a Google Analytics tracking ID which will give you detailed info on page visitors into Google Analytics.

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