Using Email Templates

With the Business plan and above you will gain access to the Email Templates feature. This allows you to fully customise and even brand the alerts and reports which are sent out from the account. You have the option to edit 4 different templates:

  • The template used for when a test is detected DOWN.
  • The template used for when a test is detected UP.
  • The template used for when a Virus or Malware is detected on a site.
  • The template used for the daily/weekly/monthly automated reports.

When logged in you can view the Email Templates interface here . To get started editing a particular template just click the blue “EMAIL” button to the right.

Once on the edit screen, in the first section you will be able to specify a custom Email Subject, Email Sender Address and  Sender name. Meaning that these messages can now look like they are coming from your chosen destination rather than directly from Statuscake.

In the next section titled “Email Editor” you will see a lot of options for editing the appearance and content of the email, you can do this in the default WYSIWYG format, or alternatively you can click the view as code button to go much deeper into the customisation.

We also offer Tags, these can be added to the Email Templates in order to display the following data:

For Alerts:

||TITLE|| ­- Test Name

||SITE|| ­- Website URL

||TYPE|| – Test Type (HTTP/PING/DNS etc)

||QUOTE|| -­ TestID and alert number ­ e.g ( 12345 – 1)

||REASON|| -­ Downtime Cause

||TIME|| ­- Total Downtime for test

||HTTPCODE|| – Status code given for downtime

||TESTID|| – The ID of the test that’s reporting

||CHECKRATE|| – The check rate of the test reporting

||HOST|| – Hosting Provider

||CONFIRMEDTOTAL|| – Number of confirmations for downtime

||MESSAGE|| – Free text field, content set per test

||TAGS|| – Include test’s tags

||VALID_FROM|| — the date from which the SSL certificate is valid (SSL alerts only)

||VALID_UNTIL|| — the date from which the SSL certificate is no longer valid (SSL alerts only)

For Reports:

||CU|| ­- Total Uptime percentage for tests in report

||WD|| -­ Number of Tests with downtime

||WOD|| -­ Number of Tests with no downtime

||TABLE|| -­ Table of Tests with downtime

||UPTABLE|| -­ Table of Tests with no downtime


If you make a mistake and want to revert to the original template you will find the red button for this at the bottom of the screen. When you are ready to save the template simply click the green “Save Changes” button.

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