Using the Discord Integration

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We now have the ability to integrate with the Discord app, a popular platform for group chat and notification. Classically used for Gaming communities but also with a well sized Business user base. You can read below some simple steps which will guide you through the creation of this integration.

  1. Create a new Discord channel.
  2. Open Discord and go to the settings for your channel, select Webhooks.                discord2
  3. In the above interface select a name for your integration, and the channel which it should send alerts to, while you are here you should also grab the “WEBHOOK URL” and copy it to your clipboard.
  4. Go to the integrations section of the StatusCake app – from there you can add a new Discord integration.
  5. Paste the webhook URL that you copied earlier into the “Webhook URL” field on the StatusCake end.
  6. Optionally define the name of the room the messages should be going to.
  7. Add an Alias (name) for the new integration.
  8. Click the button to save your settings.

Once that’s done you’ll have a brand new Discord integration ready to go! Just remember to add this to your contact group to get the alerts coming through following creation.


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