Using the PagerDuty Integration

StatusCake integrates with the Advance Alerting System PagerDuty. PagerDuty is a fantastic tool if you need complex routing of your messages.

To setup PagerDuty please follow the guide below:

First go to ‘Account’ and click ‘3rd Party’

Now from the service type Dropdown select ‘PagerDuty’. You will be asked for a service key – you can get this from Pagerduty by doing the following:

From within PagerDuty you will need to create a new service.

  1. In your PagerDuty account, under the Services tab, click “Add New Service”.
  2. Enter “StatusCake” as the name for the service and select an escalation policy. Select “Use our API directly.”
  3. Click the “Add Service” button.
  4. Once the service is created, you’ll be taken to the service page. On this page, you’ll see the “Service API Key”, which you will need when you configure StatusCake to send events to PagerDuty.

Return to StatusCake and insert the Service API Key in the Service Key Box. You should then name this service (If you only have one PagerDuty account simply ‘PagerDuty’ works), then click the green add button.

You can then send a test using the button in the table below where your recently added PagerDuty account has been added. You are now able to attach this PagerDuty account to any contact group by selecting it from the “Push Notifications” section in Contact Group settings.

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