Virus Scan – FAQ

Here you can find frequently asked questions on our Virus Scan Feature:

Q. What does Virus Scan search for?

A. Virus Scan will search for trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats on your website. We check against known threats, and this database is updated hourly

Q. Is Virus Scanning available on the free plan

A. Virus Scanning is only available on paid plans.

Q. How many sites can I monitor?

A. We allow you to monitor 2 sites on the Superior plan, 10 sites on the Business plan, and 50 sites on the Enterprise plan.

Q. How often can I scan a site for problems?

A. On the Superior plan we allow you to scan once per hour, for Business it’s once per 30 minutes, and for Enterprise this can be once every 15 minutes.

Q. What is the maximum number of files that will be scanned?

A. On Superior we will scan up to 250 files per test, on Business that’s 1000, and on Enterprise we’ll scan up to 2500 files for problems.

Q. What’s the maximum depth available for scanning?

A. On Superior you can scan at a depth of up to 5 pages, that’s 10 pages on Business, and up to 100 pages on Enterprise!

Q. What should I do if  my site is infected or an infected file is revealed?

A. First and foremost you should alert your systems technicians to any malicious results, as they will be best equipped to handle such matters. Take care not to open, launch or download any files that have been identified as maliious, and remember that deleting a file will not always cleanse an infection.

Q. How can I be alerted about a Virus or infection?

A. We will alert your through the normal Contact Group method, this means that you’ll be able to use Email, Mobile Push, and SMS alerts to get the latest updates on the site’s status, but bear in mind that SMS type alerts will only send when a threat is detected!


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