Virus Scan

Why you need Virus Scan

Virus Scan will search for trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats on your website. We check against known threats in order to keep your sites clean and safe, providing assurance to yourself and your users that infection has not occurred. The more feature rich your site is – the more vulnerable it will be to these types of attacks – so it’s essential that you have tools in place to diagnose any such problems fast!

How It Impacts You

An infected website can harm the reputation of any company,  Google Search states that they currently blacklist around 50,000 web pages per week for reasons stemming directly from malicious infection, and not picking up this sort of issue in time can have serious implications for a business and user base.

The Solution

With StatusCake’s Virus Monitoring feature it’s easy to set up scans on your website, you can configure the check rate, crawl depth and type of reporting/alerting to receive. We will drill down into your site to make sure that no malicious threats are present, and will provide a summary of each test run so that any problems can be analysed.

How Long It Takes

It takes very little time to set up a Virus Scan – just enter your target URL along with the basic depth settings to use, and you are away!