Alert Not Received

StatusCake has a powerful range of features and unfortunately with that power sometimes you may not get the alerting style you intended due to misconfiguration. If you have had downtime recently have not received the relevant alert, please ensure you check all the following settings:

  1. Alert Delay Rate. This is configurable on the test settings for each test. The rate is how long to wait before sending out an alert. It defaults to 5 minutes so that you don’t get an alert for every small piece of downtime, but you may want to reduce this down to zero if you need alerts the moment a downtime occurs.
  2. Check Rate. This is how often your site is checked to see if it is down. If you have a check rate of 15 minutes then it is possible for your site to be down for that period of time before StatusCake can detect any downtime; with the addition of the Delay Rate of 5 minutes this could mean you would not get alerted for 20 minutes. If you have an urgent need for alerts then reduce this down to the minimum available on your plan.
  3. Confirmation Servers. These are how many times the system should confirm downtime on different servers. In cases such as a 404 or another HTTP error code being sent this process is very quick, however if the downtime is triggered by a timeout it can take upto the timeout variable you have set. For example if your check timeout is 60 seconds and you have 5 confirmation servers, this could add an additional 5 minutes before you get alerted. We recommend for most users a maximum of 1 or 2 confirmation servers.
  4. Contact Groups. Please ensure you have assigned a contact group to the test you wish to get alerted on downtime for, and that you have whitelisted our email address. Failure to do so may mean your email filters reject the StatusCake emails.
  5. Some misconfigured servers return a status code 200 on an error page (for example a page not found returning a status code of 200). To avoid this being an issue you should set up content matching if you are on a paid plan. This will ensure that any type of visualised downtime will be caught.

Phone Numbers Based in India:

As a result of several restrictions on promotional and transactional SMS messages by the Indian Government, you may not receive some or all SMS notifications sent by our system.
Please find some of the restrictions that apply below. Because of these restrictions, we highly recommend setting up alerts using one of the several push integrations we offer.

We are restricted by the Do Not Call registry
India has a national Do Not Call registry that our SMS gateway is required to adhere to.
As a result, any SMS notifications sent to a number that is present on this list will not be delivered.

Messages during the night
SMS alerts that are sent between the hours of 9PM and 9AM the following morning will be queued and delivered after 9AM.

Spam prevention
We are only allowed to deliver 1 message every 20 minutes containing the same content. This should not have any impact, but repeat alerts may not be delivered.



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