Getting Alerts from an Integration

This article will cover how to get alerts from an integration such as Slack or Pushover once you have done the initial setup. Setting the integration up within the account does not mean that all alerts will be sent there, if you haven’t set up your integration yet, please click the one you want to use below and you will be able to access a full guide on how to do this:








Microsoft Teams


Once that’s sorted you’re going to need to either create a new contact group, or modify an existing one. Contact groups are where you will enter all of the alert methods that should fire when a test is detected DOWN/ BACK UP, and there is a place for the integration here too. This should be inserted into the “Push Notifications” field, once that’s all done and dusted¬†– and the contact group is added to the test, you will begin to receive alerts through to your chosen integration.

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