Creating a Contact Group for alerts

In order to get alerts when a test goes down on Statuscake you will need to set up a Contact group. The Contact Group can contain the following information and settings:

Group Name – The name of the Contact group.

Email – Any email addresses that you would like the alerts to go to, these can be separated by commas with no spacing if there are multiple to be added.

SMS – Here you can enter SMS numbers in the proper international format to receive alerts by SMS, again if you want to add a few you can separate with commas and no spacing. You also get the choice of 2 SMS providers – Nexmo or Twilio.

Push Notifications – Under this field you can add any integrations that you have set up, more information on getting alerts from an integration can be found here.

WebHook – This field fires a webhook to your desired URL when the alert is triggered, more info on the webhook function here.

Repeat Alert – This setting defines how often an alert will repeat until the status changes. If set to 5 the alert will repeat every 5 minutes, if set to 0 the alert will not repeat at all, and only the initial one will be sent. The alert will repeat 15 times as a maximum to prevent spam handling.

Once the group is configured you can then add it to any tests which you would like to send notifications, this can be done by simply editing the test and inserting the Contact Group on the first page.


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