Creating a Contact Group for alerts

In order to get alerts when a test goes down on Statuscake you will need to set up a Contact group. This will effectively contain a list of contact methods that alerts can be fired out to from various tests. There are a total of 4 different alert types we can include, and we’ll take you through these below.

  1. Email – Any email addresses that you would like the alerts to go to should be added here.
  2. Mobile Alerts – Here you can enter phone numbers to which the contact group should send SMS messages regarding the downtime.
  3. Integrations– Under this field you can add any integrations that you have set up, more information on getting alerts from an integration can be found here. And some examples would be: Slack, Pagerduty and Microsoft Teams.
  4. WebHook – This fires a webhook to your desired URL when the alert is triggered, this can be useful in tandem with a custom script more info on the webhook function can be found here.

Once the group is configured you can then add it to any tests which you would like to send notifications, this can be done by simply editing the test and inserting the Contact Group near the top of the settings.

After you have set your alerting methods, it’s always best to ensure that you assign a recognisable name the Contact group at the very top, and also to set the Repeat alert setting to 0 if you would like a single alert for each downtime, or a different value in minutes if you would like alerts to repeat.

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