Pagespeed Monitoring

Why you need Pagespeed monitoring

Page load speed can be a very important factor in the amount of time and attention that a customer allocates when browsing your website, if a product page takes an extended amount of time to load for example, the likelihood that the user will wait is very low. After all, 47% of internet users expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less!

How It Impacts You

Long load time can have a negative effect on all Businesses, research shows that abandonment (the customer leaving the page or visiting another page) during long page load can be as high as 40% by the point of 10 seconds taken to load content , that’s a huge chunk to be cutting from your bottom line when this could easily be avoided with a little optimization!

As users begin to access websites in different ways this becomes an even more important thing to watch – 73% of mobile internet users report that they’ve experienced problems with high loading times in the past, and it’s important to bear in mind also that a whopping 79% of customers who are unhappy with website performance will be less likely to buy from the same site again.

The Solution

StatusCake has you covered on this, we use our Pagespeed type tests to fully collect and analyse data on load time for websites and individual pages, you’ll get a full breakdown measured in ms to help you to identify any problem areas, and you can also set up alerts for thresholds on load time and page size – so we will let you know the moment a page is taken longer than is desirable to load!

As well as monitoring and alerting on page load speed, this feature also allows you to report on it, which enables you to observe and analyse trends over time. You can monitor from 8 locations worldwide too, so you can get the results from the region that’s most important to you.

How Long It Takes

This powerful functionality can be set up in no time at all, simply visit the Page Speed link in the left in-app menu – after that it’s just a case of entering the pages you’d like to monitor along with their thresholds and alerting methods.