Status Page – Adding a Dummy Service

A dummy service can be added to your Status Page with a custom status of Good/Degraded/Critical depending on your needs, this service will not rely on a live source, and thus should be updated manually as required. To add a dummy service, simply go to the services section and use the […]

Status Page – Modifying General Settings

When setting up or modifying a status page, the General Settings section will contain the core configurations. In the first section we should enter the Title, Subtitle, and custom CNAME for this status page. If you have a custom subdomain, you can set up a CNAME  to SSL is […]

Status Page – Managing Subscriber Notifications

You can fully manage the general notification settings for your subscribers here. ( These options will affect the sending of email and SMS notifications. First off, in the top section labelled “General Notifcation Settings” – you have the first three options. “Global Enable” is used to turn the ability for […]

Status Page – Changing the Look and Feel

Managing the appearance of your Status Page is easy and can be done    by selecting the “Look and Feel” option to the left of the page after clicking the desired Status Page record to access it’s settings. You’ll be presented with some settings on the left, and a visual […]

Status Page – Add a new Service from a Source

After creating a new Service Source for use with your Status Page, you’ll need to go ahead and get this added. First of all edit the desired Status Page in-app by clicking it’s “Settings” button. Next, under the “Manage Services” heading, you should click the “Services” link. This will bring […]