Symantec Certificate Distrust

On January 19, 2017, a public posting to the newsgroup drew attention to a series of questionable website authentication certificates issued by Symantec Corporation’s PKI. Symantec’s PKI business, which operates a series of Certificate Authorities under various brand names, including Thawte, VeriSign, Equifax, GeoTrust, and RapidSSL, had issued numerous certificates that […]

SSL Monitoring – Common Issues

The following article contains an overview of common errors that are seen with SSL monitoring, as well as information on how to resolve them. If you see an issue with your certificate, but can’t find it in this list, please do get in touch with our support and we’ll assist […]

Mixed Content Monitoring

Mixed Content monitoring was added to our advanced SSL monitoring tool set on 08/02/2018. This functionality allows you to receive warnings in the case that Mixed Content is identified on a website being monitored with on of our SSL type tests. Mixed content occurs when the site is accessed over a […]

Maintenance Windows

What are Maintenance Windows? Maintenance windows are pre-defined periods where one or more tests will temporarily stop running, preventing any negative impact to your uptime percentage and alerts. When to use Maintenance Windows? You can set one up when you schedule a temporary downtime when you deploy changes or expect […]

What are your API rate limits?

For our latest API version found here: Ratelimits are applied to the API to prevent any one client degrading the overall system stability. StatusCake accounts without a subscription, or those on a free plan, can make a maximum of 60 requests per minute (rpm). Accounts with a paid subscription have […]

Adding a New SSL Test

Basic SSL Setup In order to add a new SSL certificate to be monitored by StatusCake, just follow these steps: Click on the “SSL Monitoring” dropdown on the left navigation bar, and click “New SSL Test”. Enter the URL for the endpoint you’d like to monitor. Note: This must be […]