Status Page – How to Add and Manage Subscribers

Your subscribers are people who actively follow your page. They will receive notifications when you create and update events. To add a new subscriber to your Status Page manually, simply go here. Here you can choose to add a new subscriber, or manually unsubscribe a current subscriber. You can add several […]

How do I Cancel my StatusPage Plan

If you are thinking of cancelling or downgrading your StatusPage plan then please consider getting in touch with our support team first, we’ll be able to resolve any problems you were having! But if you really do need to go ahead and cancel, use the “Manage” button in the main […]

Status Page – Add a new Metric Source/Template

Metrics are fully custom data sets that you can choose to import into and display on your Status Page. To begin – edit the desired Status Page in-app by clicking it’s “Settings” button. After that you’ll want the Sources/Templates button under the “Metrics” section. Once on this page, click the […]

Payments by Invoice & Bank Transfer

Payment is ordinarily made for StatusCake plans via our self-service payment gateway which accepts all major international credit and debit cards. We do however accept payment by way of invoice and bank transfer for Business Yearly and Enterprise plans. Payment in this way does mean that rather than an automated […]

Sending Email Reports

With StatusCake it’s easy to send out automated or manual email reports to the destination of your choice, and you can find information on each of these methods below: Sending a manual report: You can create manual reports in the dashboard by selecting tests – then selecting the Email report […]

How to Use the Dashboards Feature

What are Dashboards? At StatusCake we offer lots of options in terms of reporting, from our Public Reporting pages which display information on our uptime tests – to our detailed email reports which give a summary of uptime over a defined time period. Our newest reporting tool comes in the […]

Which Features are Available at StatusCake?

At StatusCake we have a wide range of monitoring features! This article serves as a appendix and summary of our primary features, and a place where you can quickly find more information on what’s offered by each tool! Alerts and Notifications Alerting – All of our alerts are configured through […]

What Check Rates does StatusCake Offer?

At StatusCake we have a wide range of check rates on offer to ensure that your sites are always being scanned at an interval which suits you, the available check rates in-app are: 24 hours – The URL will be scanned once per 86400 seconds 1 hour – The URL will […]