How to Use Tags

Within StatusCake you can add tags to tests in order for usage in other parts of the app. Adding a tag to a test will allow for easy grouping and filtering in the dashboard, addition of tests in groups the the public reports, easy group setup for maintenance windows, and […]

How to use the Virus Scan feature

Our new Virus Scanning feature is available on our Superior plan upwards and enables you to detect trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats on your website. We check against known threats, and this database is updated hourly You can set up a new Virus Scan using the link in the top section of […]

Virus Scan – FAQ

Here you can find frequently asked questions on our Virus Scan Feature: Q. What does Virus Scan search for? A. Virus Scan will search for trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats on your website. We check against known threats, and this database is updated hourly Q. Is Virus Scanning available […]

Using the OpsGenie integration

OpsGenie can be fully integrated with the StatusCake service for uptime alerts and other reporting types, this integration supports alert escalation, and also has phone call as an alerting method! Note – you must have verified your OpsGenie email address before using the service In OpsGenie: 1. Sign up to […]

How to Manage and Optimise Alerts

With so many alerting methods included in StatusCake, it’s sometimes hard to find the balance in terms of alerting method and frequency, in this article we will look at alerting in more detail and delve into some of the ways that we can make monitoring alerts more efficient and constructive. […]

Using the Final Location feature

The final location field can be found on uptime type tests, and allows you to be alerted if the final URL received by the test is different to what you have specified. This can be useful when testing a URL with redirects, and also in combination with our Content match […]

Where can I view my invoices?

You can view all of your StatusCake invoices for subscription payments by navigating to the “Billing and Plans” option in the left menu of the dashboard, or by using this link – .

How do I update my billing details?

Paying with credit or debitcard? You can update your billing address, payment information and invoice email address(es) within the billing section of your account. VAT numbers can also be updated within this section. For EU countries eligible for reverse VAT charges, this will be updated automatically for subsequent invoices. Please […]

How do I update my Username?

If you wish to update your username then you can do so in-app, first visit the User Details section of the account by clicking the link in the left menu, and then use the “EDIT” button next to the field that contains your username in order to change it, after […]

Send Custom Headers with a test

In order to send custom header information with a test we should include this in the “Custom Headers” field when creating/editing the test’s settings. All entries must be in JSON format and will be validated by the field before the submission, if you see a warning please check the entry. […]