Black Friday deals you can't say no to

Our 2021 Black Friday deal is now over. But, you can still take a demo with us to find out why uptime monitoring can drive revenue, customer satisfaction, and Google rankings.

More sales than your competitors on Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the leading causes for website downtime with huge amounts of traffic heading to your site. Make sure yours can handle the pressure and stay online with our website monitoring to guarantee visitors buy from you and not your competitors!

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Uptime testing

Uptime tests worldwide

Drive revenue and stay online this Black Friday with our uptime testing. Test your website uptime from 43 different locations in 30 different countries, making sure you are maximising your Black Friday sales.

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page speed

Load your pages quickly this Black Friday

Page speed can affect revenue loss and brand reputation. Make sure your website can hold the extra traffic coming to your website this Black Friday with our page speed monitoring. Get alerted when your page speed is slow so you can do something about it before it affects your bottom line.

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updates and alerts
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See Black Friday downtime reports

Monitor, measure and analyse your Black Friday website performance with ease with our automatic downtime reports.

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We support alerts on 18 different platforms, including...







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Location, location, location

With paid accounts, you can choose where your tests are run from. So if you're down in the UK but not America, you'll know about it.

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Want to know how much website downtime costs, and the impact it can have on your business?

Find out everything you need to know in our new uptime monitoring whitepaper 2021

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