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Avoid human error and organise your data with tags.

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Why do you need check tags?

When managing tests that are spread between different regional data centres, architecture types, and clients, it’s useful to have a way to separate these into their respective groups. That’s why StatusCake created test tags which allow you to group or categorise your uptime tests.

A tag can be added to a test and should reflect the category that it’s being put into. For example, any servers located in Europe might contain the tag “EU” whilst servers located in the United States would contain “US”. You can later use these options to easily apply bulk updates, or filter tests in the overview.

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Categorise your data efficiently

Use our tag system to categorise or group your data and avoid human error. Tags can also be used to assign sub users to groups of tests, excluding them from being able to view or edits tests not under the tags that you have set for them.

See how to use tags

Report with tags

Use tags to generate reports for certain clients or for reporting on servers in a certain region.

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Test with tags

Add one or more tags to each test - selecting, organizing and modifying your tests is quick and easy.

Simplify your process

Adding a tag to a test will speed up your operations with this and other related tests in future, allowing for effective filtering, updating and categorisation of the test.

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