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Keep your website secure with SSL monitoring

SSL certificate? Check. Better ranking? Check. Customer trust? Check.

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SSL certificates are the key to customer trust

Expired SSL certificates can be a nightmare. The standard term for a certificate can extend way beyond a year and some certificates can have shorter terms. That's why we've got SSL monitoring in place so you don't have to remember when it expires.

Processing transactions, search rankings and a negative customer impression are just some of the issues caused by forgetting to renew an SSL certificate.

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Get ahead of the game with renewal alerts

You’re often the last to find out about SSL issues. Not anymore. We'll alert you before your certificate expires. See your certificate's start/end dates and set an alert for 1, 14 and 30 days before the expiry.

How do I set up SSL monitoring?

Get your SSL score

Using the StatusCake SSL algorithm, we'll send you an SSL report, scoring you on your certificate setup. This allows you to see if there are any issues you can address.

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Simple set up

Set-up couldn’t be easier; just add the URL you’d like to monitor. Your SSL certificates will be monitored and you’ll be alerted if anything is wrong. Simple.

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