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Better customer experience, improved communication & complete transparency.

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All of your communications in one place, at one time

StatusCake Pages takes website performance a step further than just website downtime alerts, and getting your developers to work 24/7 in the background to fix your technical issues. We know there's a far better use of their time!

StatusCake Pages solves the challenge of trying to communicate with both your customers and the multiple departments in your company. It can be tricky to get your content team to constantly update your social channels, and even then, you’re never directly reaching all of your customers and potential leads.

With StatusCake Pages, you’ll be able to communicate how your website is performing, whether there are any issues, and if the worst strikes and your website is down, when it’s likely to be back up again. Instant notifications, transparent service = happy customers!

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Status Page tailored for your company & your customers

Your StatusCake Page is created just for you. Tailored to your brand, your support channels, and your messaging, it gives you everything you need to create uniformed, trustworthy communications.

The best part? When your services do have issues (touch wood!), your customers and your team can all subscribe and be alerted to status updates in their preferred method. Winning.

We know that website downtime costs money, and lots of it. With StatusCake Pages, customers and leads will know exactly where to look when your website isn’t working as it should, and your support staff will always be able to act on information that they know is up-to-date and accurate. The outcome? Better customer experience, retained revenue.

Integrate with ease

Our easy-to-use integrations with other services ensures that you can get started faster.


So what do I get on with StatusCake Pages?

Our Status Pages offer everything you need to instantly and effectively communicate your service status to your customers.

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Customers can subscribe in seconds

Whether its your team or your customers that want to be alerted to your status updates, it couldn't be easier for them to subscribe to email alerts, text messages or RSS feeds. One click of a button and they're in-the-know.

Customise your page for uniformed branding

We understand how important it is to keep your branding uniformed across all of your communication channels and that's why StatusCake Pages is completely customisable.

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Complete transparency that builds customer trust

There's not a customer in the world that doesn't value transparency from a company, especially if you're a SaaS and that's why StatusCake Pages allows your audience to see past updates, issues, and resolutions. The plus side? They can see how quickly you resolved any downtime, for example!

Take the pressure off of your busy support team

A company's support team is one of the most underrated, and overworked departments in any company. But with StatusCake Pages, you can take the pressure off of your team, and make communications with your customers more streamlined.

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Access to powerful tools

We don't believe in restrictions and that's why you'll have access to all of the tools you need to make sure you can get the most out of your Status Page.

Ability to secure your page

Select your audience, protect your page by applying a password or with an IP access list.

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For large scale companies and dedicated Dev Ops departments.


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