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StatusCake offers a broad range of industry-leading website monitoring tools that help you keep an eye on the performance and availability of your website. Our suite of services enable you to monitor your site’s uptime, the load on your server and your page speed, sending you alerts whenever our monitors detect something of interest. You can also rest easy knowing that we’ll alert you in advance if either your domain name or SSL certificate are due to expire.

We enable you to provide your website users with the service levels they expect from you. Your users need you to be there for them all day, every day, every year, and our systems help ensure your site stays online by mitigating against potential issues that would not only be costly, but also impact your brand’s reputation.

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Uptime Monitoring: Industry-leading Response Times

Uptime monitoring tests the availability of your domain and its pages to users. When a site is unavailable, site owners can suffer from disengaged users and potential revenue losses. Using a variety of testing measures from over 30 countries worldwide, our tool runs in the background and can monitor your site every 30 seconds, allowing us to alert you quicker than competitors if your site experiences downtime to prevent further issues from popping up.

Why is it important?

Website downtime can cause unnecessary stress amongst site owners as well as a variety of negative impacts, including;

  • lost revenue
  • damaged reputation
  • customer frustration

StatusCake tests availability using HTTP, HEAD, TCP, DNS SMTP, SSH, PING and PUSH from over 30 countries worldwide. Our uptime monitoring service helps detect and address issues promptly, gathering real-time updates every 30 seconds.

Page Speed Monitoring: Keeping Tabs on Your User Engagement

Page speed monitoring is vital in ensuring your site’s load time is up to standard. Page speed can directly impact user satisfaction and online visibility. StatusCake’s page speed monitoring tool analyses your website load speed and provides insights from multiple global locations.

Why is it important?:

As a confirmed ranking factor on Google, you need fast loading times for both the desktop and mobile versions of your site. According to the search engine (here), the probability of users leaving your site without interaction increases 32% as page load time goes from 1 second to 3 seconds.

Faster-loading pages improve user experience, increase engagement, and enhance conversion rates, all of which ultimately drive more sales. Even small delays in page load times can potentially result in significant revenue losses.

Organisations can identify and resolve performance bottlenecks by monitoring page speed, ensuring their websites or applications remain competitive and deliver an optimal user experience.

Domain Monitoring: Safeguard Your Online Identity

Domain monitoring is essential for individuals and businesses to ensure protection for one of their most valuable assets. A brand or individual’s domain name is their home and is essential for repeat direct business and marketing visibility. StatusCake offers a comprehensive solution for tracking the status of your domain names, providing valuable prompts and reminders to ensure you remain aware of any renewal needs.

Why is it Important?:

Monitoring your domain ownership & certificates is of the utmost importance. Your domain is your brand or personal address, where trust from users and search engines has been earned over time. If malicious actors hijack this, it can ruin a brand or person’s online identity.

What’s at risk and why?

  • Security: domain hijacking, and potential cyber threats to you and your users
  • Brand Reputation: Monitoring domain expiration helps safeguard brand integrity

Server Monitoring: Protect the heartbeat of your domain

Servers are the backbone of your website. StatusCake’s server monitoring tool alerts site owners promptly when any issues arise. 

Why is it important?:

An overloaded server can lead to website crashes, slow performance and data loss. This can ultimately lead to unnecessary cost implications. By identifying inefficiencies and potential issues, server monitoring can help organisations optimise resource usage and reduce operational costs.

SSL Monitoring: Secure Your Domain’s Trustworthiness

SSL monitoring detects issues or certificate expiration, helping to maintain the security and trustworthiness of online communication and data protection. It ensures that encryption remains effective, offering a secure connection for data transfer.

Monitoring the validity of your SSL certificates doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s a piece of cake with our SSL monitoring tool. Our feature-rich website monitor will warn you via email well in advance of your certificates need to be renewed.

Why is it important?:

 A lapsed SSL certificate can have a huge impact on site traffic and trade. If your certificate expires, not only is your and your users’ information at risk, but customers may be blocked or warned against visiting your website, and search engines will make any listings less appealing to users. 

Monitoring helps detect and prevent security breaches, ensuring that sensitive information, such as login credentials and personal data, remains confidential. It also ensures the validity of SSL certificates, preventing potential vulnerabilities. In an age where cyber threats are prevalent, SSL monitoring is essential for maintaining trust and safeguarding online communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good question. Use StatusCake’s website monitoring tools! The best part? All we’d need to monitor your website is the URL if it’s a website, or the IP address if it’s a server you would like to monitor via PING.

All of our website monitoring is done remotely and load wise it’s no heavier than a single visit from a normal user to your website. So there’s no risk in running the performance testing.


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