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Why should I listen to Freshly Baked Podcasts?

Good question folks! Well firstly, we are, of course, biased so we think you should come and join our podcast community and listen to all our fantastic guests giving valuable industry tips and time-saving, success-driven hacks. But bias aside, we believe that our podcasts can help you see things from a different perspective. We believe in story-telling and giving listeners genuine content that matters to them. We don't want to waste your time, especially as we need more of it to bake another banana bread, so we've hand-selected topics and guests that we know spark conversations, debates, opinions and ultimately, a fresh way of thinking. The cherry on the top? They're all Freshly Baked by us.

Podcasts to look forward to

Season One of the Freshly Baked podcasts still has a whole host of guests to come, many that you might even be familiar with. We know muffin compares to a good old-fashioned chat and that's why we're not scripting our podcasts and ensuring all our guests can speak openly and honestly during our podcasts.

Join us for our life coaching podcast, our SEO for beginners and experts, content that drives revenue, how to make a start-up successful and Women in Tech: the debate.
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We want to bring you content that does one of two things: 1) Helps you do something easier or better, 2) Allows you to think outside of the box or see things differently.

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If our tech podcasts have triggered an idea, check out our Knowledge Base to see if any of our guides can help you bring that idea to life. There's a vast amount of tech information and advice right at your fingertips.

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