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Load speed is crucial. Stay on top of yours, keep customers and drive revenue with StatusCake Page Speed.

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Website load speed affects your whole brand

Page load speed changes your customers’ behaviour. A potential customer chooses whether to jump off your site and onto a competitor or stick with you and convert.

If your page load speed is slow, your competitors are more than ready to nab customers from you with a quicker page load. That’s not all. SEO is hugely impacted by slow page load speed which means your ranking significantly drops.

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Track how quickly your pages load

Test the load speed of as many individual pages as you like. You’ll get a full breakdown measured in milliseconds to help you identify any problem areas.


Get reports on your page speed

Observe and analyse trends over time by creating reports on your page speed tests.

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Easy and powerful monitoring

Enter the pages you’d like to monitor along with their thresholds and alerting methods and get all the data you need to create a faster, better experience for your customers. It couldn’t be easier.

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Page speed is region dependent

With paid accounts, you can choose where your tests are run from. So if your website runs slow in the UK but not America, you'll know about it.

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Knowledge base

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