Use StatusCake in Your Current Workflow

An ever growing list of 3rd party tools we directly integrate with

Why you need 3rd Party Integrations

The way teams communicate has changed; more and more often we’re seeing tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams taking over the traditional email methods, and with that, the urgency around email has declined. When your site goes down then that alert needs to be in your teams face as quickly as possible – a fix can only start once the team knows about the issue! Integrations allow you to bring StatusCake into the tools you already use and love, melding our monitoring around your workflow rather than forcing you to meld your workflow around StatusCake!

How It Impacts You

72% of the email alerts we send are opened; this means a whopping 28% are never opened and perhaps never seen! Even if just a small percentage of those are because the alert got missed, that’s hundreds of thousands of missed downtime events each year. Teams which have at least one integration setup have 32% quicker downtime recoveries than those who don’t. Knowing about the problem faster simply put makes the resolution happen sooner.

The Solution

StatusCake integrates with a wide range of tools – getting your alerts where you need them… fast!


How Long It Takes

Simply add the tool you want to use inside the StatusCake control panel – add your API key and then you’re done. It takes minutes to integration StatusCake with your current work flow.

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