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Website monitoring, uptime and page speed reports sent directly to your inbox.

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Reporting makes it easy to track data

It’s easy to miss important trends without proper storage, management and categorisation of data. Reporting allows you to keep track of your website performance data and communicate insights back to your team.

We offer a range of reporting tools that help you to see exactly how your website is performing. From an instant snapshot into the data from your dashboard to regular email reports on website uptime and page speed sent to your inbox, you’ll have everything you need to make better, more informed decisions.

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Instant insight with your dashboard

See your website peformance data in a snapshot with dashboards. Website downtime alerts, website health and overall performance at a glance.

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Generate reports automatically

Get a report for one or multiple tests in less than 60 seconds, automated with your chosen time interval. Set up reports that are sent daily, weekly or monthly.

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Customise your reports

Send more versatile and customised reports on website performance to your team and clients using specialised tags. Tags will add data from your tests automatically so you can get back to the day job.

Let people know about your website performance

Set up a public facing report page for anyone who needs access to the data - including customers.

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Make powerful reports with StatusCake Business

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