Why you need Reporting

With web monitoring a lot of data is collected on a constant basis, which means it’s easy to miss out on important trends without proper storage, management and categorization of that data. Reporting in it’s various forms allows you to both keep track of the data, and communicate insights between other team members.

How It Impacts You

Not having proper reporting can be a nightmare for any business, it means that the data simply won’t be available for fast analysis and action. Because of this it’s essential for all companies to ensure that they have the correct level of targeted and data based reporting coming through to their teams.

The Solution

StatusCake offers a decent range of reporting tools which will allow you to keep track of what’s been going on across the board with your monitoring, as well as detailed uptime reports for our standard tests, we can also report on Page Speed, and other aspects.

You can send a report via email manually or set these up on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule. You can even set up a public facing report page for anyone who needs access to the data, but shouldn’t be allowed access to the monitoring account!

How Long It Takes

You can generate a report for one or multiple tests in less than 60 seconds, and this can be automated in-app with your chosen time interval very quickly also!