Domain Monitoring

Keep your identity safe

Every day thousands of domains are lost or hijacked. Our domain monitoring keeps yours safe so you don’t have to.

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Domain monitoring made easy

It’s easy to lose a domain. Forget to renew it and just like that, it’s gone for good. For most, this has a massive impact on their business. We don’t want that for you.

Keep your marketing efforts driving revenue, stop domain hijackers and preserve your brand’s reputation with our domain monitoring solution. No more loss, just wins.

Leave the worrying to us

Running a website is hard work as it is without having to worry about keeping your domain safe. We'll keep an eye on your website's identity for you - if we see anything fishy, we'll alert you straight away. After all, there’s a reason why our domain monitoring solution is used by over 100,000 customers.

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Set up alerts and reminders

Set custom reminders to notify you when your domain is expiring. We'll alert you if it does expire.

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We'll get the inside scoop

Simply enter your domain URL and we'll pull in your domain's information automatically, including expiration, records and WHOIS.

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Record Rules

Watch your domain records

Set rules for DNS records to follow - if they change and the rules are broken, we'll let you know.

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Is your domain blacklisted?

A blacklisted domain affects everything from your website to your email deliveries. We’ll let you know if your domain is on 8 of the biggest blacklists so you can keep up with the competition.

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We support alerts on 18 different platforms

Get alerted however you like

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