Email Templating

Customise your emails with ease

What is email templating?

Brand StatusCake alert emails so your team and affiliates can easily identify that they’re from you. Better still, you can use tags to customise your emails with information and data about your website downtime.

Website URL, downtime cause and total downtime can all be added to your emails to give your team the information they need to understand your website performance.

Brand your emails easily

Make your company emails easily recognisable with email templating. You can change the subject line, sender email, name and interface however you like.

See how to use email templates

Create emails quickly

Choose between our email, text or code editor to create emails for white labels. Edit the look and feel to match your brand.

Showcase your data

Use tags to better customise your content. Simply insert the tags into your email template to show the actual values of your data when your email is sent.

See how to use tags

Hassle free sending

Edit your templates, save and then send! It’s as easy as that. Made a mistake? You can undo the changes to your customisations and resave.

Email templating is available with StatusCake Business