Server monitoring that predicts downtime before it happens

Server problems are the root cause of downtime. Keep yours online with StatusCake.

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Keeping an eye on your server is important

It’s all well and good to have uptime monitoring in place to let you know if a website goes down, but what if you could see the signs that this was going to happen in advance?

This is one of the great advantages of running server monitoring alongside your standard monitoring processes, and at the same time you’ll be collecting historic data on CPU, RAM and DISK usage – as well as any running processes, making analysis a piece of cake down the line.


Leave the monitoring to us

We’ve got everything you need to make sure your server is working properly. No deep-diving into what the server issues are; everything in a snapshot ready and waiting for you.

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Your server's health - at a glance

Watch your server's vitals on a simple dashboard, all kept up to date with custom checkrates that fit your needs.

How do I use server monitoring?

Anything strange occurs with your server, we'll alert you

Our server monitoring allows you to set thresholds for disk, RAM, CPU usage and more. If they pass a custom threshold, we'll alert you however you like.

How do I set up alerts from an integration?
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Simple, quick and secure set up

It's quick and easy to set up server monitoring. Create your test in the dashboard and then run a single line of script on the target server to get everything up and running.

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We support server alerts on 14 different platforms, including...











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Google SSO & StatusCake

Online security is more important than ever, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission at StatusCake to ensure our customers’ accounts are kept safe & secure on our platform.

To help this further we’ve recently released Google Single Sign On! The biggest plus point? No more pesky passwords to remember! The cherry on top is that Google SSO is available for ALL of our customers.

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