Sub Accounts

Share the workload with sub accounts

Give your team access to the data you want them to see.

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Why do you need sub accounts?

Managing data can be a difficult task for one person and sharing login details can be risky. Having users on sub accounts means you can share the workload and assign colleagues to the tests you’d like them to handle.

With StatusCake sub accounts, you can set up users as “View Only” or “Full Access” depending on their role and assign specific groups of tests to a sub user using tags. All admin level changes are made from the main master account; there’s no limit to how many sub accounts you can have.

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Share data with your team

Sub accounts allow your team access to some or all of the data in your StatusCake master account.

See how sub accounts work

Give your team instant insight

Give a user direct access to the longer-term testing history, and the details of any specific errors in the logs.

See how sub accounts can use alert logs
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Let your team manage tests

With sub accounts, you can give team members access to active tests.

Try sub accounts with StatusCake Business

Quick and easy set-up

Adding a sub account is simple - enter the desired email address, permissions and allowed tests and you’re good to go!

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Sub accounts are exclusively available on StatusCake Business

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