StatusCake for Teams

StatusCake for Teams

Get DevOps working more effectively together.

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Team features that drive collaboration

We believe that businesses work better when teams collaborate successfully; that’s why our features are built specifically for teams.

Giving DevOps instant insight into your website performance will show them what’s currently working well and what isn’t. With StatusCake, you can give your team access to email templating for branded alerts, audit features for better reporting and StatusCake Pages for website crisis management.

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Give your team access to your website

Set up users as “View Only” or “Full Access” depending on their role.

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Assigning tests is easy with tagging

Give tags to different teams and individuals for tests assigned to them. Generate reports for servers in a certain region or for clients' tests with minimum effort.

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Brand your emails with email templating

Branding your emails with subject lines and signatures makes alerts easily recognisable to your team and clients.

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Keep your team up-to-date with tests at a glance

Let your teams have a real-time snapshot into your website performance with StatusCake dashboards.

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Better communication with your team

When something goes wrong, StatusCake Pages helps you to communicate with your team and business stakeholders.

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