New Role – PHP Developer Wanted

We are looking for an experienced mid/senior tier PHP developer to join our fast-growth business. You will work directly with our Head of Tech to support the design, development, and maintenance of our legacy application as we move towards more cutting edge technologies, which you will help make decisions on. You will need to be highly knowledgable with database (MySQL, time-based DB’s), and comfortable working with third-party APIs. From a process perspective we’d expect you to have a broad range of experience in development techniques (solid, OOP), and be comfortable working with a team using GIT. The ideal candidate is looking for a challenge, self motivated, and excited to be part of a new team developing our future architecture/stack.

We offer powerful monitoring tools that are quick-and-easy to set up, which provide instant alerts that you can trust, the moment your site goes down. Customers are given invaluable insight into how their website’s performance is impacting customers’ experiences – helping businesses stay ahead of the competition. We offer uptime, server, domain, SSL monitoring, and much more!

Must haves:

• At least 2 years of commercial experience with PHP
• Solid experience with the a no-framework application and APIs
• Solid knowledge of SQL, with experience in optimisation, migrations, replication, and normalising
• Good understanding of NodeJS, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS – ability to work with client and server side
• Good knowledge of scalable caching technologies (Redis)
• Experience working with Git in a team using feature branches/GitFlow
• Good knowledge of Unix and bash – comfortable around running/maintaining services across multiple servers.
• Great attention to detail and strong troubleshooting skills

Nice to haves:

• Comfortable working with legacy
• Knowledge of PHPUnit (Codeception, Selenium)
• Experience in an agile environment (Scrum, and Agile)
• Comfortable in a growing startup environment
• Keen on micro services, and modern technologies (Go, Docker, K8s), and willing to experiment
• You code because you love to build stuff, and want the stuff you build to be used by loads of people.
• Experience using GIT, Redis, Postgres,
• You are a good judge of when the team are in need of a good cup of tea… or meme

The Offer:

A great product, amazing team and funding to deliver what’s needed

A competitive salary depending on experience

Flexible working hours (Core hours are 10am-4pm)

The role is full-time  and based in our London, UK office.

All candidates must have right to work in the UK.

Get in touch with us at [email protected].

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