42 Different Locations

Downtime can be localised, ensure your monitoring is.

Why you need Global Monitoring

The Internet is a complex system with regional lines going from country to country, DNS systems ranging from ISP to ISP and various levels of behind the scenes caching. When you monitor from just one location, you’re running the risk of a user in a particular country or even to the state level not being able to access your site, and you know nothing about it. When you don’t know about downtime you can’t react to it, be it on your social media channels or getting in touch with your hosting provider – you can lose customers and revenue.

How It Impacts You

In StatusCake alone we’ve detected over a million localised downtime events; it happens on a vast scale all over the globe. For a period this year one of the largest hosts had connectivity issue for people accessing from the UK – that’s 65 million people for which thousands of sites were down… and regular one location monitoring would never have picked up.

The Solution

StatusCake is designed from the ground up to understand regional downtime. Our network of over 180 testing nodes is split over 42 different geographic locations – more than any other website monitoring platform. If your site is down for Germany then you’ll know; if your site is running slow from Atlanta – then you’ll know. StatusCake understands downtime isn’t binary – it’s not always a case of a site is up or a site is down, it can be both!

How Long It Takes

Selection locations is as simple as setting which geographic areas you care about. You can select either continents or drill down into particular countries or even cities.

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