Product update: Email reporting and dashboards

Passwords for Dashboards

We recently added password access for our Dashboards which has been in popular demand. Previously Dashboards were public and could be accessed by anyone with who you shared the link – but from today you can add a password to your dashboard in order to ensure only authorized visitors can see the data.

You can configure this new function by going to the Dashboards section of StatusCake, editing the dashboard that you would like to add a password to, and then adding the desired password in the field that appears. All passwords will be hashed for security purposes.

If you are on our Business Plan and haven’t yet given Dashboards a try for displaying your test data, they can be set up here when logged in to StatusCake.

Page Speed testing added to Email Reporting

We have updated the Email Reporting feature to now include data from Page Speed testing, you will see a new Page Speed section included in the daily, weekly and monthly reports and you can visit the Email Reporting section when logged in to add existing Page Speed tests to your reports.

Our Page Speed tests are going to return data on load time and page size, and by including these you will have access to the daily/weekly/monthly averages for these figures within the reports that we send out on a regular basis.

You can view your current reports here when logged in, and it’s also from this page that you can enable the PageSpeed tests to be included for any current or newly created reports.

NoIndex Option added for StatusCake Pages 

Our StatusCake Pages product allows you to quickly set up a Status Page for your services and allow your users to subscribe to any status updates directly.

We recently added the ability to insert a noindex tag on all of the pages that users can visit, this should generally prevent indexing by search engines for those users who would prefer not to have this happening by default, it’s also a great way to keep viewing of a Status Page a little more restricted if it’s serving an internal team or a private userbase.

To set this up just head over to the StatusCake Pages section of the account, and within the general settings area of the Page you want to edit you will find the option for “Do Not Index” – on this page also you can see our other privacy options like Ip whitelisting, and password access which are great methods to further secure viewing access outside of search engines.

If you’re new to StatusCake but like the idea of having these features to maximise your website performance, drive revenue and make better, more informed decisions about your website, then check out our website monitoring solution now!

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