Embed Public Reporting Now Live!

Public Reporting is great.  It instils trust in your website no matter if you’re a web hosting company, an online retailer or a lolz cat repository.  But until now you’ve had to redirect your website visitors to the Public reporting page hosted  And whilst we think that our public reporting pages are great – they don’t suit everyone.   With that in mind we’ve rolled out a widget version of the StatusCake public reporting page.  With a small embed tag you can now include public reporting on your own website.

What’s more, the great news is that because the content is loaded onto your site, it means that you can easily style the table how you want it to look using CSS.  We provide a default style for those who don’t want to bother with CSS editing.

To start using the public reporting widget first make sure at least one (or some!) of your websites are set-up for public reporting.   Then just click the Current Websites tab – at the bottom of the listing of your sites is a new button called “Embed Public Reporting” – click this and then get the embed code for your public reporting widget. Simples!

And if you’re on one of our paid website monitoring plans you can disable the link back to StatusCake!

Now – go and shout to the world about your awesome uptime!

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