The cost effective alternative to Pingdom

StatusCake offers the most powerful monitoring suite on the market with better value for money.

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More tests. Better features. Incredible value.

If you’re looking for the most effective uptime monitoring service on the market, you’ve found us! Welcome. We’re a great alternative to our SolarWinds-owned competitors with a free-for-life plan and fast customer support all year round, regardless of your plan.

Not got the $$$’s? Whatever your budget, we believe you should have access to great quality website monitoring. You won’t get access to a free account with those pingdomers, but you will with us. For life. Plus on our paid plans, you’ll get better check rates, more features, and a far better monitoring suite to help you drive revenue. Don’t take our word for it.

Hear from someone who came to us wanting a solution to their Pingdom woes…

I thank the tech “Gods” I found at StatusCake as a result of finally getting totally sick of literally hundreds of weekly false “site down” alerts from our former provider. I’m embarrassed to say I tolerated that monitoring service for several years!

In the 1+ months since moving to StatusCake, I have received a handful of alerts and they were all real. What a delightful change (oh, and far better dashboard, and easier to utilize). Thanks, StatusCake! 

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Pingdom? No SSL monitoring, no server monitoring, no domain monitoring. We offer all of these services because we want you to have the very best.

StatusCake’s paid plans also offer more tests and more features than Pingdom. The best part? They’re less money.

A typical Pingdom customer with 100 uptime tests will pay 90% more than a StatusCake customer. Piece of cake!

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Tearing your hair out stuck on Pingdom? Migrating to StatusCake couldn't be easier

We don’t want you to have to use a more expensive website monitoring a second longer than you have to, and that’s why we’ve made migrating from Pingdom to StatusCake super quick and easy. You can find our importer tool in your StatusCake account, which allows you to import all your Pingdom tests in seconds.

The importer tool is available to all StatusCake customers including those on a free trial.

See the Pingdom Importer

So why choose StatusCake?

We'll check your website more often than Pingdom

Pingdom’s 1-minute check rates are good, but what if you wanted them just that little bit quicker? We know that being alerted to website downtime as soon as it happens is vital and that’s why we offer a 30-second check rate on StatusCake Business, and an industry exclusive constant check rate with StatusCake Enterprise.

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We take our customers’ security very seriously

We do everything we can to protect our customers' data and ensure a safe and secure system so you don't have to worry.

StatusCake has Google SSO

We spent time implementing Google SSO on our app for all of our users, both paid and free. Goodbye password fatigue, and decentralised systems, now you can have StatusCake at the touch of a button.

Just a few of our happy customers


Are you a Pingdom customer that has had to wait hours for a reply? We'll get back to you within 25 minutes!

We’ve got live chat functionality so you can talk to us in real-time (even on our free plan).

Our median response time is 25 minutes, and the time to close - where we’ve resolved your ticket - is just 2 hours and 19 minutes. Because you’re the reason we do what we do.

StatusCake integrations

You have 14 different integrations to choose from up so you can get alerts however you want them.




Microsoft Teams





StatusCake Terraform

Our Terraform provider allows you to make light work of automating your processes internally. By spending less time on setting up various API calls, you can monitor what matters most to your company, and ensure you aren’t hindered by downtime. Your terraform providers allows you to setup Uptime, Pagespeed, SSL tests, and much more so you can hit the ground running!

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Location, location, location

Website downtime is a pesky, unpredictable foe, and that’s why you should be able to monitor your website from locations you need. Just because your website is up in the UK, that doesn’t mean it’s up in the USA. That’s why we offer monitoring from 43 locations in 30 different countries.

See StatusCake test locations

Want to find out more about why we're the best alternative to Pingdom?

Put 20 minutes in the diary for a one-to-one with our specialist customer service team who can take you through all of the StatusCake features that can maximise your website's potential.

Want to know how much website downtime costs, and the impact it can have on your business?

Find out everything you need to know in our new uptime monitoring whitepaper 2021

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