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The cost effective alternative to Pingdom

StatusCake offers the most powerful monitoring suite on the market with better value for money.

More tests. Better features. Incredible value.

If you’re looking for the most effective website monitoring service on the market, you’ve found us! Welcome. We’re a great alternative to our friends over at Pingdom with a better free plan and 24-hour support, 365 days a year.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, free uptime monitoring solution or the full feature suite, we’ve got everything you need to drive revenue, build customer trust and get you back to your day job. Sit back and relax. We’ve got your website monitoring taken care of.

So why choose StatusCake?

Our free plan offers more tests

StatusCake Free offers 10 times more uptime tests than Pingdom. Because when is one ever enough?

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Our paid plans give you more

StatusCake’s paid plans also offer more tests and more features than Pingdom. The best part? They’re less money.

A StatusCake customer with 100 uptime checks saves over 990% than a customer paying for an equivalent plan with Pingdom*. And with StatusCake, you’ll also get extra features such as SSL monitoring, domain monitoring, server monitoring and much more. Piece of cake!

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We'll check your website more often

Being alerted to downtime as soon as it happens is vital. We offer a 30 second check rate on StatusCake Business, and an industry exclusive constant check rate with StatusCake Enterprise.

Pingdom’s most frequent monitoring checks are only carried out once a minute.

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Friendly and fast

We love our customers. That’s why we’ve got live chat functionality so you can talk to us in real-time – even on our free plan!

With Pingdom and other competitors, you may need to set aside a couple of hours for them to reply. At StatusCake, our median first response time is 21 minutes, and the time to close – where we’ve resolved your ticket – is just 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Stuck on Pingdom? Migrating couldn't be easier

We've made migrating from Pingdom to StatusCake super quick and easy. You can find our importer tool in your StatusCake account, which allows you to import all your Pingdom tests in seconds.

The importer tool is available to all StatusCake customers including those on a free trial.

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Location, location, location

With paid accounts, you can choose where your tests are run from. So if you're down in the UK but not America, you'll know about it.

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Just to recap, StatusCake offers...


10 1

More uptime monitors


Avg Response: 21 mins No support on free

Quick, friendly support


Constant checks (Enterprise) 1 check

More checks per minute

StatusCake is free. Forever